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Ruth Charlesworth

Ruth was born and raised in the beautiful city of Mumbai, India where she grew up baking with her dad,  she knew she had the passion for baking and wanted to be a pastry chef at a very young age, but like many teens the list was long and only so much could be accomplished. so she moved on to be a cabin crew with the world's best airline where she met her now husband and soon started to bake for him and friends around. 


With life moving so fast Ruth's career moved another milestone when she was crowed Miss India 2015, from there she began her modeling career and worked with many names in the industry. She moved to California to start a pet grooming company called Aussie pet mobile in Ventura County with her husband. 2020 knocked many with tiny feet and Ruth was happy to welcome her little baby girl and she decided to bake a cake to celebrate her daughter and Ruth baked every month, that's when she realized that baking for her wasn't just a passion it was something she found a kind of happiness in something that only turning on the oven would bring to her. 

Now living in the beautiful town of Santa Paula Ruth is not just a baker, she's a mom, a pilot and a pastry chef!

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